I’m here for you to guide you, inspire you, and hand you the tools to LIGHT and LIFT you up in LIFE.

During one-on- one sessions I will ASK you questions, give you insights, and hand you the tools to become more and more aligned with your true self; from within, life will flow naturally.

Are you feeling stuck in certain situations? Related to work, relations, spirtuality, health issues, of body image?
I am here for you.

Vraag een vrijblijvend 20 min Skype Call met mij aan om samen te kijken wat ik voor jou kan betekenen.

I’m offering you a free 20 min Skype Call to connect, and listen to your questions, and passions in life.

With years of experience in coaching,  healing and yogateachings, as well as the insights she gained from her own spiritual growth, Vere is a young women offering her wisedome and gift to help you reach that next level in life.